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Items You Should Always Have With You When Moving

When moving, most of your belongings will be packed in boxes and loaded into the moving truck for the journey to your new place of residence. There are some things, however, that are important enough that you should always keep them with you to avoid them getting lost or damaged. A general rule to follow is to always pack as if you might have to stay in a hotel for a couple of days, but when moving, you will need bring some extra items that you would not normally have to think about if you were not in the process of moving house. This easy guide will help you keep track of what things are better brought with you in the car rather than stored in the moving vehicle.   The most obvious things to always have with you are your phone and wallet with your ID in it. Needing these…

Telling friends about local long distance or international move

Who to Tell About Your Move and How

Moving is exciting, but it can be difficult to break the news to those close to you if you are moving far enough away that it will make seeing your friends and family on a regular basis difficult. You want the people around you to be excited, but deep down you also recognize that saying goodbye to your loved ones will be hard for everyone involved. In addition to the people in your life you care about, there are also services and agencies that you will need to inform of your move as well. Friends and Family – Your closest will be both the easiest and the hardest people to tell about your move. There are two ways to approach breaking the news: you can tell them all individually or as a group. If you would rather tell people one on one, invite each person out to dinner somewhere significant…

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Long Distance Moving Checklist for Kids

Moving with kids can be challenging, especially if you are moving a substantial distance away from your previous residence. Kids can get hungry, bored, fussy, etc., and the last thing you need when going through an already stressful event such as a move is for your child to throw a tantrum that demands every remaining ounce of your sanity. You can do your best to avoid this, though, by following this helpful checklist to make the trip manageable for your little ones who would rather be running around outside than sitting in a stuffy car for hours on end. Snacks – Kids get hungry, and when they do, they are sure to let you know about it. Rather than being stuck listening to “Mom, I’m hungry…” repeatedly, stock up on a variety of your kids’ favorite snacks to keep them occupied and comfortable. Some great road trip snacks that are…

Buying furniture after local long distance or international move

Top Five Places to Shop for Furniture on a Budget

If you have just made the big switch to a new living space, you might have gotten rid of a lot of old furniture, or now have more rooms to furnish than you previously had. New furniture is a common expense associated with moving, but it does not have to break the bank. If you are concerned about spending a fortune on new furniture, but you are wary of resorting to cheap furniture that may break not long after purchasing it, then you are not alone. Luckily, there are several furniture stores that have the inventory needed to match your style and the price tags to keep your spending levels in the green.   Ikea – Everyone has heard the name, and hopefully had a chance to try the Swedish meatballs from their food court. Ikea is popular for many reasons: their furniture is some of the most affordable there is,…

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Downsizing for a Move

If you are moving into a smaller place, somewhere with less storage, or if you are moving a long distance, you may need to thin out your inventory of belongings to make everything fit in the moving truck and in your new living space. Cutting down on your belongings is a challenging task with many tough decisions to be made. This helpful guide will assist you in prioritizing what to keep and what to get rid of when you need to make space during a move.   The first and most important category of belongings to cut down on if you need to make room in the moving truck is furniture. Furniture is big and bulky, taking up a huge amount of space in both the moving vehicles and in your new place. Not all rooms are designed the same, either. That giant China cabinet that fit perfectly in your old,…

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Take the Stress Out of Moving with Your Pet

Wherever you go, your furry friends will surely be along for the ride. For many people, their pets are like their children. And just like children, sometimes our lovable companions can be a handful, especially during a stressful event that shakes up their routine such as a move. Moving is difficult enough when you do not have to worry about how your pets will handle it, but when you have their needs to consider, it is worth remembering that as stressful as moving is for us as human beings who understand what is going on, things are even more confusing for our animals. So, what can you do to help your pets feel calm and at ease during the moving experience?   If you live within a reasonable distance of where you are moving to, and your pet handles car rides well, try packing them up in the car and taking…

Saving Time and Money While Moving

Five Tips for Saving Time and Money While Moving

Moving is expensive and time-consuming, no doubt about it. Your rent or mortgage may be the biggest expense on your mind, but the cost of the move itself can catch anyone off guard, especially first-time movers. And whether it is your first time moving or your tenth, the amount of time you need to carve out for packing can quickly become overwhelming and lead to unnecessary stress. Follow these five helpful tips to make your moving experience a breeze.   Reuse Old Boxes – This may seem like an obvious moving tip, but it can cut down on your expenses a lot more than you might think. If you know you have a move coming up, start saving the boxes your online purchases come in, or in-store purchases if they come in a box sturdy enough to reliable hold your belongings. For example, Amazon offers a set of 30 moving boxes…

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Global Shipping News 2021 – February Newsletter

Global Shipping News 2021 Star International Global Relocation Port Arial view There have been quite a few developments since our last newsletter and things do continue to change rapidly. Shipping continues to be challenging globally, with the West Coast ports impacted by heavy congestion due to the incredible number of imports. This is causing major transit time delays, as well as chassis availability to handle the containers and causing additional port demurrage and chassis charges.   This congestion is closely tied to the increased global demand for Asian exports, coupled with reduced sailing frequencies and the large number of empty containers being held back in EU and US ports, which has created a significant container shortage in Asia. This is leading to shipments being rolled over for weeks, thereby lengthening transit time. Due to limited space, shipping lines are now charging rates that are 200% higher compared with this time…

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Things People Tend to Forget to Pack When Moving

Moving takes a lot of work and planning. In the midst of all the chaos, it’s common for people to forget to pack things, only to remember them when they’re en route to their new home. Sometimes it’s something that can be easily replaced, like an old USB cable. Other times, it could be something important, like a case that contains identification cards. Adding these things to your inventory can help prevent leaving these items behind.     In today’s post, the local and international movers at Star Moving Solutions share the things that people tend to forget when packing for a move.    Important Documents   An average homeowner has just enough important documents to fill a single briefcase or binder. If you have more, prepare a document box and clearly label it as such. The following are the types of documents that fall in this category:   Personal Documents — These…

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What Makes Moving So Hard?

Moving sounds easy to people who haven’t moved before, but to those who have had to relocate at least once know that moving is more than just hiring movers, putting your things in a truck and hauling it off to a new place. The residential and commercial movers at Star Moving Solutions share the reasons that make moving difficult and some pieces of advice that can ease the experience.