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The STAR Story

To pay his way through college in 1987, 17 year old Jimmy Re started working for a domestic moving company in northern Virginia. He worked as a crew member where his responsibilities were to pack and load household goods. During college Jimmy continued to work in the industry. He went on to graduate from Mt. Saint Mary’s with a business and finance degree. After graduating from Mt. Saint Mary’s, Jimmy started working for an International Moving Company in Northern Virginia.

As a young and motivated college graduate, Jimmy grew fond of the challenges involved with relocating people overseas. During his time at this new company he was able to learn each aspect of the industry and began to gain extensive knowledge about international relocations. Over a five year period he learned to properly pack and load an international shipment and then moved on to coordinating international moves. After a few years he was able to start contacting new accounts and successfully brought new business to the company. He then started surveying residences and booking jobs. After five years of hard work and industry education he moved onto a domestic moving company that was developing their international division in Virginia.

After two years of assisting that company to grow and develop, Jimmy realized that working for a large company that only focused on the number of moves they booked per year, versus personalized service, did not match his expectations. He then decided to start his own Northern Virginia moving company with a core focus on providing old-fashioned personalized service with unmatched international moving knowledge and attention to detail. Hence, Star International Movers was incorporated January 14, 1998.

Over the past 24 years, Star has continued to grow and is now one of the Northern Virginia’s Premier Moving companies. The company today has separate local, long distance, international and office moving divisions. Each department has highly trained move coordinators that specialize in the different types of moves. The focus is and will always be on providing exceptional customer service and finding tailored solutions that fit the client’s requirements.

With 25 office personnel and 75+ moving crew members Star services over 3,000 individual moves per year. With its headquarters in Dulles, VA and additional warehouse space in Northern VA, Star has 40,000+ square feet of warehouse space available for long or short term storage.

As we continue to grow, we will never lose site of the customer experience and the need for personalized attention on every move.

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