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Top Five Places to Shop for Furniture on a Budget

If you have just made the big switch to a new living space, you might have gotten rid of a lot of old furniture, or now have more rooms to furnish than you previously had. New furniture is a common expense associated with moving, but it does not have to break the bank. If you are concerned about spending a fortune on new furniture, but you are wary of resorting to cheap furniture that may break not long after purchasing it, then you are not alone. Luckily, there are several furniture stores that have the inventory needed to match your style and the price tags to keep your spending levels in the green.  

    1. Ikea – Everyone has heard the name, and hopefully had a chance to try the Swedish meatballs from their food court. Ikea is popular for many reasons: their furniture is some of the most affordable there is, it holds up well if you take care of it and avoid abusing it, and their minimalist and modern designs fit well into anyone’s color scheme or style. Ikea also has both brick-and-mortar stores and online shopping available, so you can go there in person or shop from your computer, whichever is most convenient for you. Ikea is a perfect place to furnish your entire home in affordable, stylish pieces that will last you long enough to either get your money’s worth out of them or hold you over until you have the funds to upgrade to more expensive options.  


    1. Wayfair – Another name that most people are familiar with is Wayfair, an online furniture and home goods retailer semi-famous for their interesting and unique product names. Wayfair sells a wide range of products in an equally wide range of prices and styles, so they are almost certain to have plenty of options to fit your budget and style. Wayfair also has excellent customer service if anything arrives damaged or broken, as can sometimes happen to online purchases during shipping. They ship quickly, which is relieving news to hear when you have a brand-new place to live but nothing to sit on. Another benefit of Wayfair is that, because they offer such a wide variety of products, if you reach a point where you want to replace your budget furniture with more expensive versions, you can go right back to Wayfair and change the price range on your search criteria.  


    1. Overstock – One of the best websites to buy discounted furniture from is Overstock. They are exactly what their name implies: a furniture retailer that sells an overstock of products for less than their original price. They have several ways to save you money, including coupons on their website that can further cut down the price of their already discounted furniture. They also offer discounts for first-time email subscribers and free shipping on orders over $45 to anywhere in the US, except Alaska and Hawaii. Overstock is a great place to shop if you need affordable furniture but want a matching set as they also sell some furniture sets with multiple pieces that go together. 


    1. Bob’s Discount Furniture – Bob’s Discount Furniture is similar in concept to Overstock and offers discounted prices to match. They have the added bonus of being a relatively environmentally friendly business that places a great deal of value on recycling. For example, if you purchase a mattress from Bob’s, they will come to pick up your mattress so it can be recycled. They also put emphasis on recycling packing material as well, so if you are trying to be conscious about your carbon footprint, check out the affordable options at Bob’s Discount Furniture to fill up your new living space.  


    1. HomeGoods – Last but not least on the list of places that carry quality furniture at a budget-friendly price is HomeGoods. They are only at a disadvantage in that they do not have an online store, so you will have to live near a physical location to reap the benefits of shopping with them. They have everything, though, from furniture for every room, to wall art, to lighting, to kitchen gadgets, and more. You can furnish and accessorize your home without breaking the bank at HomeGoods, while enjoying a laid-back shopping experience. To make up for their lack of online shopping, you can also pay to have your purchases delivered to your home to avoid making multiple trips or if your vehicle is not large enough to accommodate any bulkier items you purchase.  


With this list of affordable options for furnishing and decorating your new home, you can check one more stressful task off your moving to-do list. These five shopping options should give you enough variety that you can find everything you need at a price you can feel good about. Happy shopping! 



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