Common Moving Fears and Ways to Overcome Them

Whether it is your first time doing it or not, the preparations leading up to your move can feel a bit overwhelming. Fear and anxiety can be felt, which is a perfectly normal response. The key to a successful move is to confront these emotions and address them beforehand. Today, Star Moving Solutions, your local moving services provider, shares the common fears and anxieties related to moving and ways we can help you overcome them.

Fear of Change

Humans are creatures of habit, and the idea of starting over in a completely new and unfamiliar place makes a move difficult to handle. While there is a small percentage of people who thrive on change, many prefer the comfort and familiarity of a daily routine. Take these away and the fear of change occurs.

It is usually the first fear many people need to overcome before they proceed with the moving process. It helps that you have local movers on your side, but a great way to deal with change is to focus on the positives. Life, after all, is full of changes, and the prospect of making new friends and acquaintances and having a nice place to live makes everything exciting.

A Lack of Time to Prepare for the Move

Preparing for a move is something that’s not done overnight—it can take days or weeks depending on the possessions you’ll bring with you to your new location. A common fear of many people looking to move, however, is not having enough time to prepare for this monumental change.

It all comes down to time management. Planning early allows you to sort out which valuables you should be bringing before you place them inside already-labeled boxes. The rest of your belongings? If you have time, you can dispose of them by hosting a garage sale or donating them to local charities. You can always hire  movers to assist you with your pre-moving plans.

Misplaced or Damaged Possessions

The fear of losing or having damaged possessions while preparing for a move is a big concern for many people. Take this as an opportunity to exercise your organizational skills by preparing an inventory of all the items that you want to place inside boxes and then inside the moving truck. Make sure you label the boxes properly, particularly on delicate items that might be at risk of getting mishandled.

To help you in this phase of the move, turn to Star Moving Solutions. As your leading local neighborhood movers, you can expect our pros to be highly-motivated and experienced when it comes to delivering the best services possible. We are here to guide you as you transition to a new stage in your life. Call (703) 421-6510 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate.



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