Long or short term storage facility

Storage Solutions

At Star International, we do not just handle moving-related services; we also offer short- and long-term storage solutions for the DC, northern Virginia, Maryland, and Wet Virginia areas. You may need our storage services to keep some of your belongings in a temporary, short-term storage unit, perhaps during a short-term life event such as a move where you would prefer not to have to worry about moving all of your possessions all at once. Or perhaps you simply need more room in your home for new belongings, but you are not quite ready to get rid of the things you already have. Or you might even want a storage space to keep seasonal items such as holiday decorations or beach gear that you only use for a brief time once a year, to avoid cluttering up your closet space with things you will not be using on a regular basis. Whatever the reason for your storage needs, Star International Moving Solutions is the premier choice for storage solutions in the northern Virginia and DC areas. We are committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality solutions for all of their moving and storage needs, all in one place. 

Our storage facilities are equipped with 32,000 square feet (about the area of a large mansion) of clean and safe storage space. We hire professional, full-time staff to ensure that professional and experienced people are always looking out for your treasured belongings. We further secure your personal possessions with our 24-hour surveillance monitoring system. This ensures that nothing happens inside our facilities that we do not know about. We also boast state-of-the-art fire prevention and security systems to enable us to react quickly in the unlikely event of an emergency. Our storage facilities are also equipped with mold and mildew prevention systems, so you can store your treasured property with us long-term with confidence that all the things that matter to you will be safe from the elements. To complete our thorough and extensive security measures, our storage facilities are military (Department of Defense) approved. When you use Star International’s impressive storage facilities for all of your short- and long-term storage needs, you can entrust your precious belongings to us with confidence, knowing that we treat every item in our care as carefully and respectfully as we would if they were our own possessions. 

If you are looking for storage solutions to house your nonessential belongings for only a brief period of time during a move, we would be happy to provide you with both our moving and storage services all in one. We are your premier one-stop shop for all of your moving and storage needs. When you use us for storage during a move, the moving process becomes notably easier. Instead of using separate companies to move half of your belongings to your new residence and the other half to a storage facility, you can cut the cost and potential complications down exponentially by having us transport all of your belongings at one time. This not only reduces the cost and the headache of dealing with multiple companies at once during an already hectic and stressful time in your life, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that all of your belongings are safely in one place, being looked after by qualified and professional moving crews. We can bring any items you wish to store to our safe and clean storage facility for safekeeping, and then transport the rest of your things to your new place of residence. We take care of everything, and there is nothing that we are not willing to store. From holiday decorations and seasonal items to lawn mowers and sculptures, we can and will store or transport all of it for you. You can be sure when you use our transportation and storage services that your belongings are as safe as they can possibly be.  

If you are looking for storage solutions for short-term or long-term durations, or if you are looking to combine moving and storage solutions in one convenient manner, Star International Moving Solutions is proud to be able to say that we can handle any and every situation you may need our services for with the best security and safety measures available, awards and accolades that reinforce the quality of our services and storage facilities, and qualified teams of professionals who will handle your important property with the care and respect it deserves. We have all the experience, equipment, and workforce necessary to provide the northern Virginia and DC areas with a one-stop shop for any and all moving and storage solutions. No matter the size of your move, how far, or what kind of items you need to store, we will tackle any job efficiently, ensuring the safety of all your beloved possessions.