A Beginner’s Guide to Making a Moving Inventory

Relocating is always a daunting task whether we’re talking about small-scale relocation to full-on commercial moving. However, both local and long-distance moving companies agree that things get a lot easier if you have a good moving inventory. What exactly is a moving inventory, and how do you make one for your next move? Read on to find out.

What Is a Moving Inventory?

A moving inventory is basically a master checklist designed to help you keep track of everything that can and will be moved from one location to another. Aside from making sure everything is accounted for, the inventory also helps you track which tasks or batch of items are up next.

Digital or Pen and Paper?

Making a moving inventory is easy. Commercial movers recommend using a digital spreadsheet because it lets you search and categorize specific items easily. However, you can also start to make an inventory by writing it down on a piece of paper or notebook. Anything is better than not having a list to check at all.

Sort by Room…

The most efficient way to keep track of each item is to sort them not by size or weight, but by room. Go to a room and list down every item that has to be moved. Once you’re done, go to the next room and create a separate list for items in that area. With this approach, items arriving at the new destination can be sent straight to their corresponding rooms so you don’t have to sort them out piece by piece.

…Then by Set

For room specific item lists, both local and international movers recommend grouping items closely associated with each other. Listing items alphabetically and by size doesn’t always give you a clear picture of what’s accounted for. For example, you should group the couch with the comfy chairs and coffee table instead of listing it next to book shelves and clothes cabinets.

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