Corporate Relocation

Moving is a big task, even when you are only moving yourself or your family. Now, imagine the task size of moving your entire company from one location to another. Moving your corporate office or business location involves a great deal more than a typical private residential move usually requires. You may need to move substantial amounts of inventory with as little loss as possible. You may have a large amount of expensive office equipment that needs transportation. Your business may have employees that need to move as a result of your corporate relocation. Whatever the case may be, Star International has the experience required to tackle everything from small business relocation to large corporate moves. We take care of everything, and our expertly trained moving crews are guaranteed to coordinate your move seamlessly and with minimal downtime or disruption to your workplace. We are even capable of breaking down, packing, and setting up office partitions to further reduce the inconvenience of a corporate relocation.  

At Star International, we understand that your business is your livelihood, which is why we do not overlook any details of the relocation process from start to finish. If you own a small business and are looking to relocate your store to a new location, our professionally trained moving crews will be there to make the process as smooth as possible and get you back to doing what you love in your new location. Each of our moving crews has over three years of experience with private and business moving services, so you can get through the relocation process as comfortably and with as little stress as possible. Our goal when handling business moving services is to minimize the downtime and disruption that your business experiences without sacrificing any of the expert care needed to take on the job at hand. Star International is capable of moving your inventory, any office equipment or POS systems you may have on the premises and, if necessary, you. Because our services also include employee relocation, if you are moving your business far enough away that it requires you to move as well, we can handle this task as well. We start with an in-home inspection, which allows us to formulate the most efficient strategy for when it comes time to move. We also take care of pre-move preparation services for you, which saves you valuable time and energy during an exceptionally hectic time in your life and the life of your business. 

If you need moving services to relocate a large corporation with complex logistics and the need for sizeable moving crews, we are equipped and experienced with these types of relocations as well. If your corporate office needs relocation services, our award-winning moving services are here for you. We are ProMover certified, and our moving crews are experienced, professionally trained, multilingual, and do everything with a spirit of efficiency and positivity. We are capable of packing and moving expensive and valuable office equipment with ease. Our teams are capable of breaking down, transporting, and setting up office partitions so you do not need to take care of this service on your own. Our full service moving, packing, unpacking, and storage services are also equipped to take care of any necessary employee relocation services you may require during your corporate move. Our state-of-the-art move coordination technology enables us to manage your employees’ relocation from start to finish. We offer free in-home move surveys to ensure that we go into each job with a well-planned strategy that helps get the job done quickly and efficiently. We can handle the entire employee relocation process, as we have access to everything you could possibly need when relocating employees. We work closely with our trusted business partners to provide home sale programs, temporary housing, rental assistance, mortgage assistance, and more.  

When it comes to complex moving jobs such as corporate moves or small business relocation, we understand that the process can seem overwhelming and complicated. That is why Star International Moving Solutions is committed to doing all of the heavy lifting for you, so your business does not need to come to any more of a halt than is absolutely necessary during the relocation process. We are extremely responsive and attentive in everything we do, no matter the size or scale of the job. Whether your business is moving across the street or across the globe, there is no moving job we are not experienced with. Jobs of this size require expertise that most moving companies do not have, but Star International has not only the experience to get the job done, but the awards and accolades to back us up. No detail is too small for us to consider it worth our time, and we pride ourselves on making even the most stressful of moves a breeze.  



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