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Downsizing for a Move

If you are moving into a smaller place, somewhere with less storage, or if you are moving a long distance, you may need to thin out your inventory of belongings to make everything fit in the moving truck and in your new living space. Cutting down on your belongings is a challenging task with many tough decisions to be made. This helpful guide will assist you in prioritizing what to keep and what to get rid of when you need to make space during a move.  

The first and most important category of belongings to cut down on if you need to make room in the moving truck is furniture. Furniture is big and bulky, taking up a huge amount of space in both the moving vehicles and in your new place. Not all rooms are designed the same, either. That giant China cabinet that fit perfectly in your old, spacious dining room might make your trendy New York City apartment feel cramped. Furniture can be expensive, so if your furniture is high quality and will fit in your new home, you may not want to part with any of it. If, however, your furniture will not fit or will simply be too big of a hassle to bring with you, you could even sell it to make some extra cash instead of throwing it away or setting it out at the end of your driveway with a “free” sign on it. When you arrive at your new home, you can measure the rooms to be certain that your replacement furniture will fit into the space available. It will also give you a chance to change your style and pick out furniture that matches your new home.  

Once you have sorted through what furniture items you are and are not willing to part with, turn your attention to appliances. Do you still have that second, third, and maybe even fourth blender you received during your first housewarming party? If you have duplicate appliances like kitchen gadgets, beauty tools, or home improvement equipment, or if the ones you have could use an upgrade, get rid of anything you do not need. Anything you have that is in new or good condition, you could try to sell in a yard sale or online. Even if you are not able to sell extra appliances and make some extra money, you will save a massive amount of storage space by doing away with unneeded home goods.  

Another category of belongings that takes up a surprising amount of space is clothing. The fewer clothes you need to stuff into your closet or dresser, especially if you have opted to get rid of your dressing to make more space, the better. Go through your closet prior to moving and toss anything you have not worn in over a year into a bag to donate. Donating clothes is a fantastic way to help a worthy cause while also cutting down on packing material and saving storage space in your closet. 

Finally, take inventory of everything else you own such as knickknacks, stuffed animals, decorative items, etc. Keep anything that has sentimental value and set it aside first. Then, go through the rest of it and decide which things you are willing to keep and which things you are willing to part with. Ditching some of your excess decorative items will save you a ton of surface space and make your new home look much less cluttered. It will also save you space on the moving trucks if you have fewer boxes to accommodate, and the fewer vehicles required to move your things, the more money you save as well.  

Keep this list in mind while packing for your move, and you will be amazed at how much space you can save and how many things you had that you did not even realize were collecting dust in your home. The moving process can feel overwhelming, and packing is certainly a huge contributing factor to the stress. This guide will hopefully serve to keep you organized and goal-oriented while you decide what you are willing to get rid of and what you absolutely cannot leave behind. If the idea of throwing away your possessions or selling them online does not sit well with you, you can also invite your friends and family to take anything you are looking to unload out of your hands. That way, you can accomplish your goals while saving your loved ones a trip to the store. 



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