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The Star International Difference

Over the course of a year, Star relocates more than 3500 families with its 100+ staff, 25 moving teams, and 60,000+ square feet of storage space.

When Star Moving Solutions first opened its doors in 1998, it did so with a commitment to good ol’ fashioned customer care and a deep understanding of the moving business.

Jimmy Re, our company’s founder, had a vision to provide each client with individualized attention and innovative solutions based on his extensive experience. The plan was to use each relocation as an opportunity to show customers how things should be done. Our ultimate objective is to have satisfied customers who tell their friends and family that they can’t go wrong with STAR since we are a reliable and trustworthy organization.

We provide the expertise, insight, and motivation to make your next relocation the greatest one of your life.

Which moving service is right for you?

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, STAR can get your belongings from A to B in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. In order to let you get on with your life without being interrupted by the logistics of a move, we will offer you old-fashioned, customer-oriented service utilizing current technology to effectively transfer your things in a straightforward, stress-free way.

Local Moving

If we have to move you locally, it comes with:

  • Free accurate in-home move estimate
  • Full service moving, packing, unpacking and storage services
  • Top quality service and personal attention to detail
  • Family-friendly service performed by full-time move professionals
  • Certified, trained, background-screened, and drug-tested drivers and crews
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rated
  • Angie’s List Rated and Recommended
  • Great service at a fair price

International Moving

Every relocation is unique, every client has specific requirements, and all international moves require personal assistance. Star Moving Solutions can handle every element of your international relocation. We adhere to a tried-and-true procedure that ensures a stress-free overseas relocation.

We need to know what objects you need transferred before we can provide you an estimate. Simply contact us or fill out an online estimate request form to schedule an in-home survey.

STAR will provide you an estimate for the services you need. STAR can offer you with a quote to transfer your home items and personal possessions, as well as your automobiles, motorbikes, boats, commodities, and consumables. Our experts will thoroughly clarify what the estimate contains and excludes.  If there are any extra costs, Star Moving Solutions will not put them on the invoice automatically, but will ensure that they are approved before delivering it to the organization or person paying for the relocation.

Our Welcome Letters will contain confirmation of pack out dates as well as requests for clear copies of your passport and visa photo pages. Anyone exporting products from the United States must provide a complete home address and passport number to US Customs. Other foreign paperwork that is required will also be supplied.

Our skilled staff will walk you through the international moving procedure and guarantee you have all of the necessary documentation for a stress-free transfer. There are many sorts of documentation and paperwork necessary depending on the products we are exporting to a new country: Import and Export of Household Goods, Import and Export of Vehicles, Export of Consumables, and Export of Commodities.

Interstate Moving

Interstate moving is another logistical solution that STAR excels at. You could consider us a one-stop, client-focused shop. Some of the elements involved in an interstate move include:

  • Full service moving, packing, unpacking and storage services
  • Free accurate in-home move estimate
  • One-stop management of your move – from origin to destination
  • Nationwide dispatching (centralized)
  • State-of-the-art move coordination and tracking technology oversees your entire move
  • Top quality service and personal attention to detail
  • Storage services available

Office Moving

Office relocations entail a wide assortment of physical and conceptual moving parts. Obviously, you must relocate everything, but you must also consider employee satisfaction, transitional workflows, restructuring, adjustment periods, and much more.

Your workplace relocation will be defined by your moving crew.

After getting suggestions, ask the moving firms on your list the following questions to narrow down your options:

  • Are they flexible (will they arrive early or remain late if you need them to?)
  • Fee structure (Do they charge according to the work or by the hour?)
  • Reviews and consistency (What are previous customers saying?)
  • Included services (Do they clean up or assist with packing?)

Tip: Look for movers that include everything—trucks, boxes, and cleaning. If you can’t discover a provider that can cover all of your bases, simply go on to the next phase.

Corporate Moving

A corporate relocation package is a collection of procedures related to an employee’s relocation as well as the financial benefits and expenditures connected with it.

Using a single moving company, such as STAR, for all of your business relocation requirements may save you time and money. Instead of hiring many suppliers, one business will handle all parts of your relocation, including packing and storage. There are also many phrases to be familiar with when it comes to business relocation. A The competent moving company knows all of the components of a large relocation and can explain them to you and your staff.

It might be a bit difficult to develop the perfect package for your staff. The relocation procedure may be expensive, particularly when it involves a worldwide move. Expense coverage relies largely on the company, but many organizations provide workers with the financial help they need to offset the expenses associated with relocating to another place.

Some firms may give a lump sum payment, or a specific financial amount to fund a relocation. Others may collaborate with a full-service moving firm to help their workers who are relocating. Finally, some businesses use their own relocation management firms to handle staff moves.

Storage Solutions

If you need storage in Northern Virginia for any length of time, STAR can accommodate you with plenty of space that is clean, secure, and free of hassles. STAR may assist if you need storage while moving, if you need to clear your house to sell it, or if you simply need a little more room for your items but aren’t ready to part with them just yet.

Your furniture and other home items are just as secure in storage with STAR as they are during pickup and delivery.

For STAR, your furniture and other home items are more than just possessions; they are also symbolic of your history, financial stability, and future. Everything from couches to sculptures, lawnmowers to priceless artworks, may be safely stored with us without fear of damage or loss. Any and all storage concerns may be handled by STAR.

Our Storage Solutions include:

  • 32,000 square feet of clean and safe storage
  • Full time professional storage staff
  • 24-hour monitoring surveillance
  • State of the art fire and security systems
  • Mold and mildew prevention systems
  • Military (Department of Defense) approved warehouse facilities

Logistics Solutions

Our specialized STAR Logistics Services department helps us provide remarkable value to our customers. Our operations follow a conventional but forward-thinking performance-based framework, which consistently overcomes challenges and outperforms customer expectations while still meeting all applicable U.S. Compliance and Regulatory requirements. STAR has a single point of contact and is dedicated to providing honest and open service to all of our customers. No matter how dire the situation, we will never avoid accountability.

In addition to managing the U.S. Chain of Continuous Custody on behalf of our customers and end users, STAR, a U.S. Registered Small Business, offers worldwide Freight Forwarding and Integrated Logistics Solutions (I2S2). Whether the goods being sent are exempt from levies or tariffs or are commercial in nature and need full import duties to be paid, STAR will handle all of the necessary customs and commercial document procedures, including IOR, in any country in the world. STAR is well-versed in providing US Flag conveyance where necessary, working closely with the US Maritime Administration (MARAD).

Star abides with the AECA and ITAR Part 122 in all respects.

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