Should I purchase replacement value transit insurance?

Yes, this is a wise decision. Even the best movers in the world have moves that experience loss or damage. We do so with much less frequency than less experienced movers, but no mover is 100 % claim free. Moving has risks and insurance coverage minimizes those risks. Moving heavy odd shaped furniture around tight corners, up & down narrow stairways, in and out of trucks/containers, down rough roads, on & off ocean vessels comes with inherent dangers. Humans are also performing the bulk of this work and all humans are fallible & prone to error on occasion.

Assumptions that are often made are that movers have insurance coverage built into the move cost or that movers already have an insurance policy that covers any damages that occur. Movers only have a limited liability coverage of $0.60 per pound per article that comes with each move free of charge. However, this will not make a customer whole in the event of damages. Receiving $12.00 for a flat screen TV (20 lbs. x $0.60/pound) is not enough to purchase a replacement TV. This is the only coverage provided by movers at no cost should the client decline to purchase insurance. Movers also do not include the cost of full replacement insurance in the transportation rate. Insurance is always quoted as a separate optional item as it is the customers choice whether to purchase or decline. We don’t charge customers for services or coverage that do not wish to purchase.

Like homeowners insurance or auto insurance, you never hope to and rarely need to use it, but it is there should you need it. Transit insurance is always the best option to protect your most valuable possessions.



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