4 Tips for Moving a Valuable Collection

When you are in the process of moving, whether it be an international move, an interstate move, or a local move in northern VA, you want to be sure that your moving process goes as smoothly as possible. For some people, that stress is more prominent when you have a collection of valuable belongings to consider. For any move, but especially for international moves, you need professional, experienced local northern Virginia movers, interstate movers, or international movers who can safely and efficiently transport your belongings without causing damage to them. When moving day comes, the big transport between packing and unpacking your valuable belongings can leave you feeling anxious, especially when you are making a long-distance move. Interstate moving companies, like the long-distance movers at Star International, have the skill and experience needed to get your valuable belongings where they need to go safely and undamaged. The professionals at Star International recommend these four helpful tips to keep your valuable possessions safe during local, international, or cross-country moves.

1. Have your collection professionally appraised

Prior to moving your collection, it is vital that you know how much every piece of your collection is really worth. This is important for a variety of reasons (the most important of which will be revealed if you continue to scroll downward). We would highly recommend having your collection appraised by a certified property appraisal before having your company arrive to your home on the day of your local, interstate, or international move in northern VA.

2. Create a detailed inventory

A detailed inventory is more than just a list of the items in your collection. Be sure to make note of the condition of every piece that you would like to be moved. This will be crucial to have to ensure full value protection in the unfortunate event that any of your pieces are damaged on the moving trucks, especially if you are making an international or interstate move in northern VA. If you can prove the original condition of your collectibles prior to loading up, then you will have the upper hand on any mover that refuses to take accountability for any mishaps that happen along the way to your belongings’ final destination. With the moving services of Star International, you can feel secure knowing that we take every measure possible to ensure the safety of your belongings during your local, interstate, or international move in northern VA.

3. Insure Your Collection

To circle back to the importance of having your collection professionally appraised, the appraised value of your collection will be instrumental in determining the terms of your insurance package in respects to your move. Before speaking with your moving company about insurance, we would highly recommend that you reach out to your personal insurance agent, first, to determine whether or not your collection is insured through them. In the event that your agency does not provide satisfactory coverage for your shipment, any moving company worth working with will be able to calculate a full value replacement coverage plan for your belongings.

For example, at Star we offer a valued inventory form to assist both us and our customers in providing you with an insurance policy that is custom tailored to your specific goods, giving you full value protection on the things you care about most. Our customer reviews are an excellent indicator of the care we take when assisting you with our move, however we always recommend taking every precaution possible in making sure your valuables are sufficiently protected in the event of any mishaps. You would fill out a form with the individual items that you want insured and the declared value of those pieces. With your appraisal in hand, you can be sure that the values that you declare are accurate and that you will be provided with sufficient coverage in the rare occasion that your collectibles are delivered in less than satisfactory conditions.

4. Have your collection professionally packed

Naturally, I think that we’re both on the same page about the best-case scenario in regard to the transportation of your valuable collection: That everything makes the trip in one piece! While there are plenty of resources and tutorials out there on how to correctly pack your belongings, the fact of the matter is that there are people in the world that are highly experienced and have undergone extensive training in order to become professionals at packing. Those people are…movers! The average employment duration of mover at Star Moving Solutions is 10 years! That’s relatively unheard of in the moving industry. One of the reasons why we are able to retain experienced employees is that we pay our movers 30% above the industry standard. Our movers don’t “phone it in” or “go through the motions”. They take the utmost care because we put them in an environment where they want to care and caring benefits them!

For more information on having your collection professionally packed and transported, feel free to visit our website www.starint.com or to give us a phone call today at 703-420-4635 for a moving quote that will save you money and stress. Our certified move consultants are excited to share the variety of ways that we can get you from A to B, hassle free! We can also provide short- or long-term storage services during your international, interstate, or local move in northern VA.



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