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How to Keep Your Home Clean While You’re Packing

When you’re packing to move to or from northern Virginia, you may be surprised at how overwhelmingly messy your home can become in a relatively short amount of time. Whether you’re making an international move to northern VA or if you’ve lived right down the street your entire life, if your home is messy and cluttered, it can make things difficult to find or impede your ability to move around while packing for your move. With everything else involved in an interstate move to northern VA, for example, taking the time to plan out how you will pack seems trivial in comparison to all the larger priorities that need to be taken care of during this stressful time.

Packing for a move, whether it be to or from another state or country, or a local move in northern Virginia, the moving experts at Star International have several helpful suggestions for keeping your home clean during your next big move. These methods for keeping your home clean while packing for you next local, international, or interstate move are proven to help you keep track of the clutter during the process of packing, making your life easier. Moving is a stressful process, so having a plan for each step of the process is vital to keeping stress levels as low as possible, while still realizing that some stress is inevitable with any moving process.


Tidy Up Every Night


When moving to or from the northern VA area, it’s important to keep in mind that your home can get messy quickly, which can become overwhelming while you’re trying to pack. The international, interstate, and local moving professionals at Star International recommend tidying up whatever you can at the end of each day, so nothing gets out of hand. Sort through mail when you receive it so mail doesn’t pile up, put away kids’ toys at the end of each day if you have children, and disposing of discarded items every day are all excellent ways to avoid your space being overcrowded and disorganized during your move.

When avoiding clutter while packing, cutting down on the amount of material things you bring with you will help free up space and prevent your home from becoming difficult to navigate or function in.  If you receive mail, sort it right away and throw away any junk mail or mail that does not require any attention from you. Setting opened junk mail or unread mail down and forgetting about it will quickly result in a large amount of clutter you will have to sift through. You could also miss important bills or mail that requires your attention if you are not keeping up with sorting your mail on a daily basis. If you have children, you should always make sur that their toys are put away at the end of every night, whether you clean them up or the kids do. Having children’s toys picked up and put away keeps them from becoming another part of the clutter that you need to put time and energy into sifting through. When kids’ toys are put away every day, you can start the next day organized and aware of where everything is. Having kid’s toys put away also makes it easier for you to get around the house, making packing easier, faster, and less stressful. Packing one room at a time also helps to keep any unavoidable clutter or disturbance to that one room, leaving the rest of the house free for you to resume your daily life in while you finish up each room as you go.


Decide What to Leave and What to Bring

When you’re packing for a local, interstate, or international move, residential movers and commercial movers alike recommend that you decide ahead of time what items you want to bring and what items you want to leave behind. This will help keep your home from becoming messy because it will give you the opportunity to throw things away at the end of every day. One of the ways you can help yourself sort through your belongings is by asking yourself some key questions relating to each item. Ask yourself things like “When was the last time I used this?”, “Do I still need this item?”, or “Will I have room for this in my new home?” in order to narrow down the amount of things you take with you. Then, once you come to the end of each day, throw away the things that you decided not to keep. This will reduce clutter and free up space in your home as you make your way through the packing process. Or if you have discarded items that you do not wish to throw away, you can sell or donate the items instead.

Rent a Storage Unit


Another option for freeing up space in your home while packing for a move when you’ve run out of items you’re willing to part with is renting a storage unit. If you are looking for storage solutions in northern Virginia, Star International Moving Solutions has clean, secure, and spacious storage facilities to help make you local, interstate, or international move as easy as possible. With Star International’s storage facilities, you can store your belongings indefinitely or for the duration of your move. Renting a storage shed for your northern Virginia local, interstate, or international move allows you to free up a large amount of space in your house, while protecting the things you care about saving the most. Storage units are especially useful for storing large, cumbersome items such as furniture, leaving you plenty of extra space in your home for sorting through the smaller items in your possession. You can also use a storage unit to store things you don’t want to leave out during open houses. Decluttering this way will help make your home look more appealing to potential buyers and possibly help you sell your house faster.

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