What Makes A Good Moving Company?

What makes a good moving company is not just the company having the trucks and manpower to complete your move successfully. There are some other key considerations to make when choosing the right moving company for you.

Your chosen moving company should have reasonable prices. You don’t want your full-service relocation to be costly. It should be reasonably expensive enough to ensure that your movers do not omit tasks that might result in late delivery or damaged belongings.

The company should have estimates that are binding. Pay careful attention to firms who provide binding quotations. The guarantee implies that your pricing will not change after you sign on the dotted line—as long as you don’t add any more goods to the house inventory you and the movers agreed on during the estimate process.

Affordably priced down-payment are another factor. Most movers want a deposit of up to 50%. Do your research to see if you can afford the initial charge.

Great customer feedback lets you know what you’re in store for. Positive client feedback is an important indicator of trust. Look for moving business reviews that emphasize things like secure delivery, skilled movers, and friendly phone brokers. STAR International is known for our high-level, customer-oriented processing of all moves in which we’re involved.

Make sure that the moving company has genuine credentials. Check that your long-distance movers are legally licensed and insured. You don’t want to be a victim of expensive relocation scams.

Finally, think about special considerations. Look for firms who go above and beyond by providing you with 30 days of complimentary storage, or other valuable benefits including real-time GPS monitoring, additional insurance, and special discounts.

Best Moving Company Sterling VA

Types of Moving Companies

Before making a selection, it’s important to understand what sorts of moving firms are accessible and what kind you need. Whether you’re planning a personal relocation or one for your company, the first step is to grasp the distinctions between residential and commercial movers. They may then provide the following services:


A local move is one that is less than 50 miles away. These limits may vary depending on where you reside in Virginia and the regulations of the moving company you choose. It is essential to ensure that your relocation falls within the company’s mileage allowance.


A relocation is considered long-distance when it requires more than 50 miles of travel (or the stated company’s policy). A long-distance relocation may not always imply an interstate move (below).

Interstate Moves:

Are any relocation that necessitate crossing state lines.


Any relocation that necessitates travel outside of the United States (including Canada) is considered international. You must not only ensure that your selected moving company provides international services, but some may also aid with housing and immigration documentation.

Moving Containers:

Moving container services provide various-sized containers and pods that homeowners can normally pack themselves.

Specialty Movers:

Some movers specialize in moving objects such as pianos, expensive paintings, and even wine collections.

Vehicle movers:

Some firms provide auto moving services as an add-on expense if you need to transport a car long distance or abroad.

How to Prepare for a Move in Virginia

Virginia Moving Tips

Moving is difficult anywhere. Moving in Virginia might be slightly more complicated. Here are some moving day hacks.

Calendar And Budget

Create a calendar from your relocation date to today. Making a timetable and sticking to it may ensure a smooth move. Divide tasks room by room and week by week. Along with the address changes, cancel and restart utilities.

Start a moving budget now. Simple or complicated, your choice. Make sure the budget is realistic.


Every element of your relocation does not have to be remembered every day. When making goals, budgets, and decisions, write everything down. Keep records and receipts from people you employ, as well as information about their roles, in one easily accessible spot.

Hire a Mover Early

Early scheduling with your mover is key. They have busy schedules. As soon as you know your relocation date, start looking. If you believe your relocation date may change, consider cancellation restrictions.

Label Everything

Label every box and item before packing. Identify the contents of the box and indicate which room it should belong in at your new house. This will speed up professional movers’ work and reduce hourly labor expenses.

Why Is Moving So Expensive?

Moving is costly for a number of reasons, the primary one being that it requires a lot of effort. On top of that, however, the charges that occur behind the scenes are perhaps the most significant aspects that contribute to moving expenses.

Moving companies have to be able to keep pace with a variety of expenses in order to turn a profit. Some of these costs include: labor costs, gas prices, maintaining equipment, regulations, licensing fees, and worker compensation and liability insurance. All of these expenditures not only have the potential to change, but they also tend to increase in cost with time.

Let Us Be Your First-Choice For All Your Moving Needs

In conclusion, you will find that following the advice in this article will assist in eliminating a significant portion of the element of uncertainty involved in picking the most suitable moving company to ensure that your relocation is carried out quickly, efficiently, and with few if any problems. Because we fulfill all of these guidelines, Star International Moving Company is your best option when it comes to moving companies if you are relocating to or from the Washington, DC, or northern Virginia areas.

Star International can make your local, interstate, international, or commercial transfer as straightforward and stress-free as possible. In addition, Star International provides storage options, catering for both short-term and long-term storage requirements. Keep your belongings in storage whether you’re moving temporarily or permanently. Star International is the company to call for all of your moving requirements.






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