What Makes Moving So Hard?

Moving sounds easy to people who haven’t moved before, but to those who have had to relocate at least once know that moving is more than just hiring movers, putting your things in a truck and hauling it off to a new place. The residential and commercial movers at Star Moving Solutions share the reasons that make moving difficult and some pieces of advice that can ease the experience.


There’s no way around it—moving is expensive. In addition to hiring the movers, you also have to factor in insurance, paperwork, packing material, unplanned purchases and other charges that may come up along the way. When preparing your budget for the move, be sure to provide enough headroom for unexpected expenses along the way.


Even with the help of long distance moving companies, moving is tough and exhausting, both physically and mentally. From preparations, to packing, to the actual move, there will be a lot of things going on. You’ll have to make sure you don’t leave behind anything you want to bring. Unpacking at the new place, long after your movers have left, is likewise stressful. Knowing what to expect and understanding the kind of stress involved can help you prepare for your move, and make it less stressful. Also, having family members help out with tasks like packing—and later, unpacking—can help further reduce stress by making it a fun family activity.

Emotional Issues

Aside from the physical and mental stress, moving can also be emotionally draining, regardless of your emotional attachment to your home and its surroundings. Of course, you will be saying goodbyes, which is more difficult to do nowadays because, thanks to COVID-19, gatherings are not a good idea. Your kids will also have to say goodbye to their friends at school and at local hangouts.

Leaving Things Behind

Knowing that you can’t bring everything with you can also make moving difficult. You may have to give away or sell things that are difficult to transport, or you simply just don’t need anymore. While selling your items can help with unexpected expenses during your home, it could also be a source for emotional distress. Have your family participate in sorting out the things you’re leaving behind, as the shared experience can make it less stressful.

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