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Items You Should Always Have With You When Moving

When moving, most of your belongings will be packed in boxes and loaded into the moving truck for the journey to your new place of residence. There are some things, however, that are important enough that you should always keep them with you to avoid them getting lost or damaged. A general rule to follow is to always pack as if you might have to stay in a hotel for a couple of days, but when moving, you will need bring some extra items that you would not normally have to think about if you were not in the process of moving house. This easy guide will help you keep track of what things are better brought with you in the car rather than stored in the moving vehicle.  

The most obvious things to always have with you are your phone and wallet with your ID in it. Needing these things is certainly not unique to moving, but amid all the hustle and bustle of moving day, it can be so much easier to simply forget to bring something important. When you have a million things on your mind at once, it is not terribly difficult to leave your phone or wallet on the table by accident. Before you leave, double check to make sure you have not forgotten to put your phone and wallet in your bag or pocket.  

If you do not already keep one in the car, bring a phone charger with you, especially if you are moving long distance or if you will be relying on GPS to get you where you need to go. If your phone dies while you still need directions to your new residence, you could get lost or end up needing to stop at a gas station to purchase an extra charger or ask for directions, delaying your arrival at your destination.  

Another thing you should always keep with you would be any medications you might need. Losing your medications could be dangerous, or at the very least inconvenient. Bring a bag in the car with you that contains any prescription or over the counter medications that you have regular need of. Also in this bag, pack some energy boosters like 5-Hour Energy or Bang energy shots if you are a caffeine user, especially for long drives or if you need to leave early in the morning.  

Your cash and important documents are also better kept in your close possession. If you do not already have one, purchase a small safe to store any cash or important papers you may have such as your birth certificate, social security card, etc. Paper money and personal documents can be impossible or difficult to replace if the original copies are damaged, lost, or stolen. To avoid this possibility, keep the safe with you personal documents and cash reserves in the car with you while driving to your new home.  

Lastly, you should bring your laptop with you in the car on the way to your destination rather than storing it in the moving truck. Boxes can shift during transit, and even if you have a laptop case to store your computer in, keeping your laptop with you will save you from the potential of it getting crushed or banged up by a another box during the move. It can also be helpful to keep with you if you are moving long distance and need to break up the trip into multiple days, or if you are flying on a plane. If you have your computer with you, you can get work done, check emails, scroll through social media, or entertain yourself online. Having your computer with you will not only keep it safe, but help you be productive if you need to be while traveling.  



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