4 Tips on Moving House on a Tight Deadline

Moving house has always been a very challenging task, but things get even more hectic if you have to move on a tight deadline. As one of the best long-distance moving companies in the area, we’re here to share a few tips on how to manage your move ASAP.

The Power of Organization

You wouldn’t believe how much easier things can get if you can organize your hasty move. Having a checklist of items sorted per room can help save time; with everything unsorted, you will waste time having to figure out which items go to specific rooms. The more detailed your inventory, the more efficient your move will be.

Pre-Pack Things

Some people tend to pack their items at the last moment, which makes the entire move a frantic mess. By packaging things ahead of time, you can focus more on loading and sorting out stuff. Commercial movers say that pre-packing a week before the day of the big move will still give you enough time to have everything accounted for.

Research About Temporary Stays

This one’s especially important if you’re moving to a very far place or moving multiple batches of items. By researching temporary places to stay-in such as hotels or inns, you get more options to choose from compared to if you just search for walk-in hotels as you go. You should also read up on key areas such as restaurants, gas stations and mechanics along the way.

Get Professional Help

Who says preparing for a sudden move should be a DIY ordeal? Both local and international movers recommend hiring certified pros to help you with planning, sorting, packaging and delivering your stuff to your new place. Some think hiring pros is an unnecessary expense, but the time and effort you can spend focusing on yourself is well worth the investment.

Let us help you move your stuff! Star Moving Solutions is the leading contractor for both local and long-distance moves. You can call us at (703) 421-6510 or fill out this contact form to request a quote.



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